Character quirks – random bits of information, be it recurring body language or word choice, that makes a character stand out. Obviously, these aren't enough to make an interesting character on their own, but they can add a lot of flair and memorability. Just remember that it's best to offhandedly mention these quirks, and not have your narrator go "Look at how strange I am! Hu-hu, I'm not like other girls!"

So, what are some character quirks that you or people you know possess? I'll go first.

  • I have a habit of adjusting my glasses, despite having never worn glasses. I sorta just push my fingers to the point between my eyes.
  • In a comedic sense, I use "all …-like" a lot. "It's all fancy-like," "I was all cool-like," "That place was all spooky-like," etc.
  • I'm told I sit in a feminine way. Despite being a man, I usually sit with one leg over the other… hope that doesn't say anything…
  • I wear a watch on my dominant hand.
  • I scratch my thumb when I'm agitated.
  • I often mutter random stuff to myself and make strange expressions, especially when remembering something embarrassing.

Hopefully this will help me – and anyone else reading – think of quirks for their characters.

Source: reddit post

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