Here is my book idea I would love for critics/recommendations. Its still in the works but this is what I have so far.

The setting is a medieval Europeish world where there is a collection of kingdoms and states known as the Commenwealth in the south and a bunch of clans/tribes in the north (Based off of Scotland) The protagonist/main POV is the son of a chieftan who had rebelled previously, thus he was a hostage to one of the Commenwealth kingdoms. He makes friends with one of the king's sons and finds his first love there, one of the nobleman's daughters. Finally he is able to leave and goes home where things aren't how he remembers, his people are enslaved and worse, farther to the north a rumor about ancient monsters are arising making the land no longer safe. The clans think of rebellion again, the protagonist wants nothing to do with it content to live his life. However, his father is betrayed and killed and his family murdered and the Commenwealth troops kidnap his beloved sister. This sets him off on the path to war as he tries to rescue his people and his sister from the Commenwealth bringing him head to head with his old friend. He must unite the Clans to fight the Commenwealth and eventually he must unite both the Commenwealth and the clans to fight against the ancient monsters who are threatening to destroy all of mankind. He is betrayed and killed in the end but the clans are at least free.

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Thanks for reading and let me know your thoughts.

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