Hi all, first time poster here. I've been thinking of writing a story some time now and now i have an idea for it. Please help me discuss the premise on which i could improve upon. Please forgive me if my writing is immature-ish or if i have bad grammar. I'm completely new to writing and is ready to improve myself

My story will be an "isekai" story. "Isekai" is a subgenre of which the story is centralized on a character who has been transported to another world (or universe). Basically you describe how he/she reacts to the situation, how he/she will adapt to this new world and how he/she will interact with its people, the unknown and so on. I still don't know the means of transportation yet or the reason

Anyway, here's my story

Eliza Davis is a genius, boasting at over 150+ iq. She could comprehend advance topic far better than her age, and being able to breeze through school so easily and accomplish so much that she was offered scholarship to a prestigious world-class university at age of 14. She was also a genius at playing piano as well. However, since she was young, her entire life revolved around piano. She won many competition that she was known all over the classical music scene throughout the world. She herself did enjoy piano but her parents were very abusive to her in order to push her into playing piano better. She would get beaten every time she misses a note or slight drag or hurry the tempo. Because of this, Eliza went from being a shy introverted girl into a person who is polite on the outside, but really bad temper who will resort to physical violence if she's really pissed (think of Panacotta Fugo from Jojo's bizzare adventure). At the age 17, with all the abuse and other combination of other responsibility, she finally snapped. She beat the living hell out of her mom which left her in deep coma state and ran away from home. In the street, she dyed her hair completely red and joined local gang. She somehow got killed and is sent to another world. There, she chose to become a barbarian class (since she is pretty physically strong) despite her intelligence and she usually use her intelligence in outwitting opponents and using environmental factor to her advantage. She also equates fighting to having a rhythm, which each note being each strike

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There, she met Gregory (also know by many as "white snake" Gregory or Gregory of the Isles) who is a cheerful guy, somewhat a decent ranked paladin who has been famous for using sunlight energy as healing while fighting. He is tough as a bull and as bright as one. He tends to be a straight forward with his goals while inspiring others as well. He, in contrast to Eliza, is very assertive and is usually the person who drags her to do things. When he met Eliza, took an immediate liking to her and chose her to be his companion at adventuring. They travel together on many quests and learn new skills and find new companion. I'll be thinking of 2 more companion, since i think 4 is the perfect number for a small adventurer group

TLDR; Eliza Davis is a genius pianist, ran away from home to join gang and died. There she met a paladin named Gregory, togheter, they went on an adventure to find new quests and get stronger

I haven't decide on the ultimate big bad of the story. My idea is that there will be a cult that is slowly annexing towns and cities quietly, i'll have hints sprinkled throughout the story but it is so minor that characters in the story don't care about it. Maybe this cult will meet with our heroes someday, by then they'll have armies and elite units and knights and will probably be as powerful as a small kingdom

I'm open to suggestions and criticism. What do ya'll think?

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