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I'm not sure if anyone here has read the manga/watched the anime Banana Fish, but discussion among viewers regarding the death of the main character, who suffered terrible abuse throughout his entire life, has been weighing on my mind. Another example of this would be the death of Jude in A Little Life, but there are obviously several other instances where this happens. I feel like in novels/stories where this occurs, it seems that there is a sense of relief in death, like dying is the only way these troubled characters can find peace and happiness. Ever since I started writing my own novel, I have planned on killing off the main character who has gone through similar experiences which is why I have been thinking about this so much.

I've seen a lot of people say that they are tired of seeing tragic ends to characters who have suffered so much in life and that it would be refreshing to see stories where people who experienced trauma find happiness in the end.

What are your opinions on this? Is anyone planning on killing off characters with extreme trauma? And why did you make that decision rather than deciding to keep them alive?

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