So, I'm 31, which means I'm too old to do my writing laying on bed in uncomfortable positions like I did in my teens and twenties when my health was good. I have a spare room in the house that nowadays is used as a store room, but I'm planning on turning into a office for me to work when I'm home. Looking back I probably should have done that before my back started to kill me, but well, spilled milk and all that.

Anyway, what kind of office do you think is best? I'm thinking of a L shaped table, a comfy office chair (I'm actually really flirting with a expensive gamer chair I saw the other day but, well, it's expensive, you know), and maybe a small bookcase for the work related stuff that can be separated from my for fun bookcase? Plus some office supplies like a couple pens and pencils, a some paper for notes, maybe some post-its and that's it that I can think of right now. I don't think I need a printer, never used it before and don't see what I can use it nowadays (years ago I would need to print the bills I needed to pay at the bank, but nowadays is all automatic debt on my account).

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