I mean, why bother at all? Why write for "enjoyment" when our "enjoyment" does nothing for others? Who are we to entertain ourselves if we cannot extend an olive branch to another? Who are we if we cannot change others with our works?

Truth is, our words don't stop stray bullets. Our words don't heal mended hearts. Our words don't hold someone back from the ledge, and our words certainly don't "make a difference" as much as we'd like to think they do. This is a business like everything else under the capitalist umbrella. Quality has nothing to do with publication success. It's all about who you know and how you look. Meanwhile, the dream era of an open door where "anyone can make it" is over, as the entrance is blocked by the shadows of franchised titans and multimedia empires.

We are not revolutionaries. We are not Shakespeare. At best, our words are forgotten under the same kitchen sink even "popular" authors have. At worst, we are brought to hang, our works and our hearts lambasted for misrepresenting a real issue no matter how hard we research and try because the truth is that life is not simple. Life is not fair. Life has no happy endings. Life has no victories, and whatever "good deeds" and "wholesome acts" are temporary, but death at the hands of lead and steel and broken hearts are forever, and all they bring is just more pain and more suffering until we all drag each other down a fall that can't be stopped.

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We can't change the world with our words. We can't save people with our words. What little happiness we find in our works is fleeting, and the damages of an uncaring world are too permanent to change under the "weight" of a spoken verse. It's how things go.


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