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So last night I decided to watch Paradise P.D on Netflix (I was bored and decided why not). Watched 2 episodes and thought it was enough for me because the humor wasn't doing it for me and the animation was kinda "meh". So I'm someone that LOVES dark humor, I like getting sensitive topics and poking fun at it. My favorite comedians are George Carlin, Jim Jefferies and Dave Chappelle. I like how they can get controversial topics and make them hilarious. Paradise P.D tries to be edgy but fails…miserably. Like they make all these dark jokes but I can count on one hand how many of them made me chuckle. The show was mean-spirited but to a point where it wasn't entertaining. But then that got me asking, when does a mean-spirited comedy become too much??

You have shows like South Park that can be mean spirited but is still watched today. You have people like Deadpool who makes fun of everybody but is still considered a fan-favorite. You have comedians like Jeff Ross who's considered the "Roast Master" who can roast ANYONE but is still respected in the comedy world. So my question is, when does it become too mean to be funny anymore??

I'd like to know more about this since I myself am learning as MUCH as I can about comedy. But then again, I consider myself a beginner in all of this so any and all comments are welcomed. Also if you're reading this, have yourself a fan-freaking-tastic day today!

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