I'm about to start writing my first series and I'm trying to gauge the appeal of a few different stories. Which of these would you be most interested in reading just based on the pitch?


Despite his efforts, Lucas is pretty much the most incompetent young necromancer in his suburb. Maybe even in all of Necropolis. He can barely control his family’s 200-year-dead dog. Which is a big problem when the dog decides to chase a squirrel in the Garden of Decay, where the Necronomicon sits on an ancient pedestal, rotting all life around it from the inside out.

It would be seriously bad if something happened to the Necronomicon. How bad? Lucas didn’t know. And he really didn’t want to find out.

Logline: When an incompetent young necromancer accidentally destroys the power source of his people, he’s sent on a suicide mission to reclaim control over death.


Richard and his crew have slain some of the Biggest Bads in the kingdom. But the real Big Bad rears its head when Richard is summoned home to attend the funeral of his uncle. And to make matters worse, the message comes in traditional satyr form: via a messenger who was promised payment in sex and booze. Richard gives him neither.

Richard returns home to find that his uncle’s death wasn’t as natural as he expected. What awaits him and his crew in Richard’s hometown of Mewk isn’t just offensive conversation and lewd remarks, but evil incarnate.

Logline: A virtuous satyr warrior reluctantly returns to his hometown only to find that what awaits him isn’t just inappropriate conversation, but evil incarnate.


A hellmouth in the desert. A mind-control demon bent on world domination. And a hero who just wants everyone to get along.

Harry Tims—self-proclaimed nicest hero on the planet—and his crew of demon slayers must travel into the city (gasp) of Flagstaff, Arizona (double gasp) after losing a fight (triple gasp) against the most recent demon to slither out of the hellmouth.

While they’re there, they might as well try to figure out how to close the hellmouth too. If there’s time. And if anyone can help them figure out how in the world you close a hellmouth anyway.

Personally, Harry Tims thinks the people of Flagstaff will be more than happy to help them. And for once, he’s not wrong. But not for the reasons he thinks.

The mind-control demon beat them there. And everyone is acting really, really nice. Maybe too nice.

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Logline: When a mind-control demon threatens to take over the world, the only thing that can stop it isn’t brute strength, powerful magics, or impressive cunning, but Harry Tims—the nicest hero on the planet.

Sample Dialogue: “Why didn’t you try to control us?” I asked. “Why didn’t you—you know, wiggle into my brain?” The demon sighed and massaged his temples. “You’re already nice. In fact, if I could make you less nice, I probably would.” He turned to the others. “I tried to make them nice. I had control of their minds, for a minute there.” He scowled. “They don’t have the capacity. Literally. That part of their brains has literally been turned off.” Brunk smiled. “See? All those years of getting hit in head, they pay off. It turn off nice part of brain.” “It turned off more parts than that, Brunk,” I mumbled. “That was rude. I didn’t mean it, Brunk.” “Didn’t mean what?” “I—nothing.” ~ “Why do you want to go to Niagara Falls?” Harry asked. “Everyone goes to Niagara Falls,” the demon said. “It’s a huge tourist destination.” “So?” Harry asked. “There are cities with millions of people in them—” “I wanna see the world, alright?” said the demon, getting defensive. “And Niagara Falls sounds cool. I won’t be shamed for this!” ~ “Technically I’m not a mind control demon.” “What are you, then?” “A manipulator. An influencer, if you will. Like an Instagram influencer. But more evil.”


When Jacob and his best friend Amelia are visited at school by an overly talkative fairy, they know exactly what to expect. Enter another dimension, go on an awesome adventure, and save a strange and beautiful world from destruction. Easy enough. And in fact, it is!

Which is the problem.

With destruction no longer on the menu for the evening, the kingdom of Hallo quickly grows bored. No tension? No stakes? No conflict? This sucks! Who put this terrible curse upon them? Is there no one to blame for their misery?

Oh, wait. There is. Those two human kids, Jacob and Amelia.

When the people of Hallo start hunting them down, Jacob and Amelia are forced to split up. This is so not the awesome adventure Jacob was expecting.

Logline: Two kids answer a fairy’s request for help, save a magical kingdom from destruction, and find themselves woefully unprepared for the consequences.


Reina, a young enchantress, has great potential. Everyone in the kingdom knows it—especially her.

But when Reina’s great-great-grandfather, the Guardian of the Portal, dies at the hands of some unknown evil, Reina’s confidence in herself begins to wane.

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Reina is recruited into an elite team of magic users, and at first she’s excited. But when her magic fails her, Reina becomes concerned. What will she do if they abandon her? How can she protect herself if her great-great-grandfather couldn’t?

And what if the thing that killed the Guardian of the Portal comes after her?

Logline: After the death of her grandfather—the most powerful sorcerer in the world—an overconfident young enchantress loses touch with her magic when she needs it most.


Rowdy, yes. A little bawdy, yes. Evil, sure, sometimes. But this was the annual beach retreat. What were a bunch of mercenaries and sellswords going to do if not get rowdy and make inappropriate jokes?

What they weren’t doing—in this moment, anyway—was being evil. So what gives these “good guys” the right to come in and ambush them in the middle of their partying? EvilStrong, the Biggest Bad in the whole world, wasn’t even there! He hated the annual beach retreat. EvilStrong was afraid of the ocean. Sure the good guys know that, right?

If they do, the question is this: are they here to kill EvilStrong’s mercenaries? Or are they here to party?

Logline: It’s all fun and games at the annual beach retreat for EvilStrong’s mercenaries and sellswords until the “good guys” show up and crash the party.

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