Hey guys. I'm starting a little group for writers, mainly pointed at serious writers that are seeking publication, but anyone is welcome. I'm an editor at a literary magazine, a published author, and someone who will be attending graduate school for creative writing soon.

Workshopping and collaborating with other writers is the most valuable and intense thing an aspiring author can do, in my opinion. I would love to get a group online that I can do this with, both because I think it would help the community and because I think it would help me.

Right now there are 6 of us, but we could use a few more to really get things going. We are going to start soon.

I like to read and offer feedback. I also like when this is reciprocated. I have a lot to offer and a lot of spare time these days as I've recently gone through a break up. I thought I would make the event a positive one by creating something new to fill my time in a positive and useful way.

The idea here is to actually workshop pieces, to discuss strengths and weaknesses, to become better writers in a concrete way. I want to organize and lead workshops, critiques, ETC – perhaps this will be a large thing, as it is in a classroom, or a small thing, as it is between friends. Let's find out how many people are interested first.

I plan to use discord for this. Let me know if you want the link!

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