I like writing, but don't like writing by hand because it very soon begins to hurt, I don't like sitting on the pc because I love writing in bed, and laptop and smartphones distract me too much and I find myself very quickly browsing some sites or playing games. That's why I was very interested when I recently saw someone (not in real life but on a webpage) with a kind of small writing machine (not a typewriter, it was electronic), that is not connected to the internet and is just able to write plain text. Unfortunately I did not remember the brand or how it is exactly called and couldn't really find something like it on the internet. Does maybe someone know how it is called or where you could buy something like that?

I know it's pretty strange to want to buy something like that when every other device (laptop, phone, etc.) has the exact same ability, but I kind of think I would enjoy writing on such device.

Source: reddit post

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