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as the title says, writing for a competition. We have a local competition here in Kuwait, for Kuwaiti citizens. The competition is to write a patriotic story that doesn't exceed 1000 words (basically a short story). I have for a long time wanting to write my own stories (mostly Novels), but .. i don't know. I'm just afraid to start.

i've asked a lot of people on how to start, i read books on how to write. i listen to "Writing Excuses podcast", have been for a couple of years now. Still i'm kind of confused with all the info i gathered and intimidated by writing, but here i am still haven't written a single word, although i have attempted to, but then i wrote few paragraphs which were bad, and then i didn't write anything.

Now with this Competition, it's my chance to give myself a chance and prove myself wrong, and probably it will be my trigger to start writing as a habit and a hobby. The prize of this competition is $13,130 for first place, $9,860 for second, and $6,573 for third. Why i am excited is, it might be easy to win it, because there aren't a lot of writers around here + probably not even a lot of people know about this competition. Soo, i might have a good chance of winning.

i just need some tips on how to start writing a short story about patriotism that relates to my countries culture and history, in addition to that, writing some societal values. I'm mostly interested in Fantasy and Scifi, but for this i just have to write something not fantasy'ish or scifi'ish, unless i was thinking of doing something like Stephen King's "11/22/63", but in a short form. i just don't know how to start.

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Thanks Alot in Adavance !

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