2 years ago, I got a concussion from an impact to my cheekbone. (Bruised knee and ego since it was a stupid fall).

The day afterwards, I tried to explain to someone when it had happened, and when I'd seen the doctor, and then when I'd had a follow-up scheduled. I found I was unable to put events in reverse chronological order. I was also very irritable, and without as much control over angry outbursts. This lasted only a few days, thankfully, but it was a shock to see how I could be aware of a deficit but unable to compensate.

Two years later, I've had some improvement but I still get headaches and migraines if I spend too much time looking at a screen. I've started taking magnesium which helps, and changed my screen brightness and warmth.

I know these things take time, but I'm not sure if my impatience to produce something quickly is limiting my production quality, or if it takes more effort now to craft a story well. I'm finding it a struggle now to 'show' a personality trait through actions or dialogue without 'telling' it with the character's thoughts, or an omniscient narrator. It's frustrating to know I had a skill that I've either lost, or just can't access at the moment.

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