A book about the redrawing of the European map in 1918-1919?


Can anyone recommend a good book or books about the redrawing of Europe's borders in the years after World War One? Most books about the period deal with other subjects (the chaos in Germany, the foundation of new states, the hyperinflation in Austria, Germany and Hungary and so on). The process, both on the ground and in politics, of changing the borders, seems to get glossed over. You just get 'before' and 'after' maps, like this one.


I'm really interested in the details and in first-hand accounts such as diary excerpts. For instance, who were the German governors on the ground in places such as Posen and West Prussia? Did they simply pull out and across the new border one day and their Polish successors move in the next? What happened to German troops in these areas?

Were there clashes? I know some Freikorps had crazy plans such as creating new German kingdoms in the Baltic states. Did none of them even try to resist the loss of the territories in the east? To what extent were the borders set by the peace treaties a recognition of what had already been decided on the ground and to what extent were they imposed? How did normal people, or all nationalities, experience the changes?

Any recommendations greatly received.

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