"Give me just two minutes and I'll find a big net – weave it even as the time passes – and capture as much as I can of what is around me. Give me two minutes and the plans and the priorities and the other emails and tags disappear. The whole room disappears too and I'm in the moment, on the page, running through the text without even making those little adjustments. And time disappears too – that thing you always want more is all the better for not getting its way – the measuring of it vapourises. The two minutes will become 30, then half a day and – before you can deny that you're not capable of it – a manuscript so long that it takes three years to shoe-horn it into a novel, much less cram it into a pitch document. This is Positive Procrastination" – https://dn-charles.com/journal/just-two-minutes-honest

I've been wanting to become a writer for such a long time that I have read all the how-to manuals, the habit creation mechanisms, the cut-off from the internet and force yourself to finish the vomit draft pitches. None of that worked for me. The internet is too interesting a place and I've read enough to know that my writing is bad. This is the first piece of advice I've had which told me to pull the Blank Page down for that high pedestal of purity. I've been unable to write for months now because the gap between what my writing is and what I want it to be is so large. Any attempts to write have filled me with dread and disgust at my own limitations. I now realise that's because I've turned writing from a play to prayer.

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This piece told me to write the story while watching television, or scrolling through facebook, reading a magazine, having a conversation. Whatever you're doing, when you take a pause, write. Instead of making it the most precious part of you life, make it the most natural, the mundane, the inconspicuous. Write without fear and ego. Write because when you started writing, you didn't imagine an audience. You wrote because To Write Is To Think Aloud. Do not write to be venerated; Write to engage in a conversation. Write not because you want to preach, but because you want to learn.

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