Once upon a time in Katheryn…

Katheryn was a beautiful country and 6th queen of this country is Katy Perry. Katy ruled the country beautifully. And she was a beautiful queen: big blue eyes, small nose, pink cheek and red lips. Katheryn had a beautiful country, beautiful rules and a beautiful face, but her life wasn’t beautiful too much…

Chapter 1: Katy Perry had blond hair.

Katy Perry – a normal girl, she was born in Culyfucknyer, a small town of Katheryn on the north coast. Her father was a vicar and she was born to build the Chaint buidings. But she didn’t, she needed to build the big buildings, the wonders! She wanted to do big things, bigger than everyone. She started from a little pencil, a little crayon, a little eraser and a piece of paper. She draws many plans, but just 2 people bought them. She was so sad and she left her house, say goodbye with her parents and the old teacher and find whick better place to draw something.

She went to Capitol – a big model city and stayed in a small house. Everything is being better. She thinked about a big population and she started draw a buildings for the lgbt+ community, and its name is ‘I Kissed A Girl’. Scarlett Johanson, she a famous actress and she had enjoyed many plays in Katy’s country. Katy likes her, maybe Katy was wanting to kiss Scarlett when she drawed. ‘I Kissed A Girl’ is a successful building, everyone likes it! And Capitol company – a big company, had employed Katy to do for them. What a wonderful chance for her! She started her job in Capitol company, everything would be okay.

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And she started to draw the next planss. Katy wanted to do something more interesting. Yes, a dangerous plans! She wanted to spend her money, a lot, and it’s dangerous if she lose, she will lost all of her money, and the boss of Capitol company will purge her! It’s too hard, it’s reckless & fearless. Reckless and fearless? Yes! She would draw a buildings about Las Vegas! A reckless & Fearless place and just God can bless them for happiness, no one can always choose the right way. Yes! What a ‘reckless & fearless’ buildings!

She started to draw, but now she was asleep. She dreamed about Las Vegas. She had a boyfriend and they were a poored pair (teenager usually love without money 🤷‍♀️). They was playing ‘Lottery’ and yeah, god blessd them: they’re won!!! Katy was happy and her boyfriend seems happy, too. They went to Vegas and have weddings. They played the card, the lottery – they played their money, their life, their lucky and their love for the others. They always win! But it didn’t anymore. They started losed, a lot. They lost their money, their life, their lucky and the war happened. Katy had waked up. And she drawed ‘Waking Up In Vegas’. It’s success, but can’t success like ‘I Kissed A Girl’, almost everyone likes this buildings. And now, just with 2 buildings, everyone likes her, she was being famous, like she wanted. But… would she lost her money, her life, her lucky and the war would happened, likes her nightmare?

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