I feel like I'm toeing the line of the homework rule here, but I feel like this fits in here more than there: it's less about homework and more about writing, as might become apparent.

A bit of context: I'm in uni, and really enjoying it so far. My assignment over the holidays was to write a 1500 'Choose your own Adventure' narrative as well as a 1000 word analysis of the story we wrote. I wrote it, it was alright, but I looked over it a day or two before Christmas and realised I didn't really like the story at all, so I deleted it.

For those of you who don't know, a CYOA story is a story where the reader is the protagonist – they come to a cross-road, they choose to go left or right by flicking to the corresponding page. They're fun, not complicated (plot wise or grammatically), but bloody hard to write.

I wanted to write a Lovecraft type story, and had a thief going into a house where they would steal stuff, only to come across a bunch of Lovecraftian horrors (Necronomicon, Dagon, Horror at Martin Beach, etc). The writing was fine, but the story wasn't – it was just the player going into a room, seeing something, and if they interact with it then they'd probably die, if not then they'd move into a new room. Rinse and repeat. There wasn't meant to be a 'winning' paragraph (a lot of these stories have a paragraph in which you 'win'), and the character was meant to die at one point. It was meant to be repetitive in a way which might imitate insanity, but it ended up being repetitive in a way which was boring. I was also entirely plausible that the reader would just keep going around this house and never die (or escape), such was the way it was set up.

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I started writing a new one, and I'm halfway through, but I'm wondering if anyone has any experience writing these stories, and if there are any tips that could be shared? I typically write traditional stories, and I feel like that's where I'm going wrong: I'm writing it more like that than anything else.

Thanks in advance, and like I said, I know this is toeing the line, but I feel like it belongs more in here than anywhere else.

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