A Supreme Court Justice by the name of Hugo Black, was previously a member of the KKK. I came across this while researching the Korematsu v. US case, in which Black wrote the majority opinion that upheld Japanese-American internment camps. Roosevelt, who appointed Hugo Black, denied any knowledge of his membership. The surprising part about this is that this was a pretty well-known and significant justice. He was a part of many landmark Supreme Court cases, including (as mentioned before) Korematsu v. US, Griswold v. Connecticut, and Brown v. Board of Education, and served for 34 years, making him one of the longest serving Justices in history. Nowadays, I don't believe this could ever happen. It's quite strange to think about how society in America has changed. I wonder if this subject will ever be brought up again in modern-day politics or conversation, as many controversial historical events tend to resurface. What are your guy's opinions on this?

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