Unprofessional writer here, expect some relatively basic (and probably stupid) questions ahead.

I understand and admire how there's no single method to creating a story. I've used quite a few different ones myself, and I like to try new ones from time to time. Same applies to going over my stories once I'm done and even coming up with ideas. However, the one part of the creative process that has always proved itself a thorn by my side is the brainstorming.

Currently, I have a very solid idea of my main character and my two big supporting characters, as well as a reasonable, in-development grasp of the antagonists and some minor characters. However, I've found that beyond the initial concept, keeping a gallery of assorted notes, scribbles and annotations always seem to confuse me more than help me. So instead of going through that ineffectiveness, I'm interested to hear what other people do to get their thoughts together during this part, and experiment with new ways. Anything from personal methodologies to actual developed software would be helpful. If you have anything that might be worth sharing, I'd love to hear it. thank you.

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