Hello, I have a question and I hope this is the right place for it.

I have recently started selling on fiverr and thus far have had five orders in the last two weeks which I don't think is so bad. I am writing Erotica, my price was 5000 words for $50 but because of all the time I take talking with clients, coming up with story-lines, and fiver taking 20% of my earnings I upped my price to $70 for that word count.

Either way, the general concern I have is when you look up "Erotica" on Fiverr there are some people who say they will " Write erotica based on your desires." Or something along those lines. Other posts say they will "Ghostwrite" erotica for you. I have noticed that the people who use " Ghostwrite" in their title charge significantly less money, for many, many more words. Most of the erotica authors seem to have prices similar to mine, but those who say they will "Ghostwrite" the erotica have very low prices like 12000 words for $25 and I was wondering why that is since it just doesn't seem feasible to me.

Thank you in advance to anyone who can help me out.

Source: reddit post


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