Elves are probably by far my favorite fantasy race, but I feel like their inclusion in my world would be seen as too Tolkien esque, especially since I'm writing more of a mythopoeia akin to Tolkien's world, or the Phantammeron, or other things that would take place in prehistory. Considering the language and format I'm using is already comparable to his, I don't want to say my races are as well, because I'm taking influence from a handful of different mythologies, most being Egyptian, Roman, and a sprinkle of Norse.

I want a feeling of uniqueness within my readers when they read my work, and a sense of a new world that isnt like *generic human kingdom* succeeding *generic elvish society* but at the same time there are tropes in there that I want to use.

Another thing I was thinking of doing is making a race akin to elves out of my own personality. I like simplicity and wouldn't mind less industry, though I also value honor and dignity and the preservation of important traditions. I feel like if I try to incorporate those traits into a race, they may as well wind up as elves. Im at a loss. Any suggestions?

EDIT: These also wouldn't necessarily be completely forest dwellers, which may avert the trope, but then perhaps they may stray too far from elves

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