Seriously tax records in early colonial America can go straight to heck. I am trying to trace slave ownership in one part of Virginia using titheables, taxes and wills, to start. One glaring issue is the variances in how tax assessments were ordered. Some are alphabetically ordered by last name, others by first name. This is especially annoying as almost every other man is William, Joseph, or Peter. Other records only seem to be in the order the assessor conducted his assessments. It is frustrating. My hat is tipped to researchers who regularly wade through this crap.

Edit: Wow, never expected this kind of response. I honestly expected a bunch of people to tell me to suck it up say that is just the way it is. As a matter of context: I was going through tax records and got excited when the first collector put things in last name alphabetical order. Turns out he was only one of a handful who did. What I thought was going to go quickly was actually going to be a slog.

In some of the posts below I outline why I am not using an OCR. I don't partially for personal preference.

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