I've been working off and on for the better part of half a year on ideas for my novel and worldbuilding/magic system building for the setting. I wish I had more time to work wholeheartedly on my project but working and raising a daughter… You know, Life. I will say I have made lots of progress from the time I started with my idea. Just recently I submitted a few shorts with very good reviews for an amateur like myself. I finished a book series I was reading last week and then my wife mentioned a short book series to read when I asked her for a suggestion. The first third of the book was mediocre but then when a pivotal point in the book is crossed it's like all of my notes that I've been working on for MY series are in the book that I'm reading! I am disheartened because it would take me decades upon decades to write as well as this author. I love the book don't get me wrong, it's immediately at the top of my list. The way the author describes how the main character plays the music resonates chords in my soul it put me to tears reading it.

Tldr; If I continue my notes and try to write my book I feel like I will be in a shadow I will never be able to escape. Have you ever had something like this happen to you and how did you overcome it?


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