About investing money on autopublishing and marketing your book


First of all, thank you. I discovered this community just days ago and it's really helping me out.

I'll cut it short; I write since I was 9 and I never tried to send any of my stuff. In Italy is pretty difficult to get published and I never felt like my novels were ready to be read by a professional.

Right now it's 2 years that I'm working on a novel that I really care about. I'm invested in it, and since I work as a digital marketer and I know a lot of ways to promote online, I thought I could go auto-publishing and then promote my book on my own.

Of course it needs money. And if I want to auto-publish I'll need an editor too, and it has its price. And what if I'm not able to write, after all, and I spend many of my savings to promote a book that will be a failure? And I'm not talking just about the audience, but about me too – it could be devastating to invest so much on something that it could suck.

I'm not sure if I should invest so much on myself, since I never got a feedback from a professional before. I'd really love to see this novel out there, someday, but I'm not rich, and I must consider the economic side of it too.

Also, I looked on Amazon and there are plenty of novels. I'm not sure how it works, but it seems really crowded.

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