Hello all!
So it seems that weekly is still a good frequency for most people, which is good to hear. It was fun to hear updates from some, and to see how views of books developed as people read further in them — but most of all, it was great to hear all the new books people started!

So here it is then.

What is everyone reading this week???

As for myself, I’ve been going over some formative works from my childhood, particularly the Great Gatsby, which is completely different through the eyes of an adult than a child. Fitzgerald’s prose has influenced mine in so many ways it’s almost like seeing a ghost when I read his work. I’d forgotten just how much of my sensibilities came from his particular influence. But it really is a beautiful and highly symbolic book. This new reading has really opened up some amazing doors I didn’t see in the work before.

I’m also rereading Blood Meridian, as a longtime lover of McCarthy’s works it’s really fun to slip back into his biblically epic world. Maybe not fun to imagine all the exploits he details but a familiar and fascinating experience nonetheless.

A while ago I started Dune also, and I’m just coming back to that. It’s the only new book that I’m reading right now so it’s going fairly quickly. I’ve just finished part one (up to that thing with Leto) and I find myself highly absorbed and engrossed by herberts writing as well.

Discussion was top tier last week! Really looking forward to getting into it with all you lovely people! Good luck, and happy holidays!

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