Hi all. Relatively new to this sub. I've been writing for a few years, had my first novel published a while back and had issues with the publisher (small business that went bankrupt) which scared me off for a while. I self-published my next novel, but didn't really know what to do from there.

Since then I spent two years as a journalist running a weekly paper which really killed my passion for writing for a while.

I'm sitting here now with two finished novels (that need to be re-written as I'm a better writer now) and 27 other books (mix of concept, step outlines and incompletes).

Should I go back and start again, editing my first two and release them again, or should I start something new, one of my ideas I haven't written about yet.

I don't want to get to the end of my life and have all of these amazing stories here in my head and not out in the world.

Anyone been in this situation? What have you done to move forward etc?

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