Hello everyone, thanks for taking your time to read this.

Right now something incredibly wonderful yet sad is happening in Germany. Through various news outlets the child hospice for 9 year old Louis is asking for people to send him christmas cards and letters, it's his only wish this year. He knows that this will be his last christmas alive and my friends and I want to write him a special letter. I have been sitting in front of word for over 3h now but I can't get started. How do you talk to a dying child you have never met before? He's received a lot of very sweet letters already but we want to write him an especially beautiful one. At first we thought of comparing him to candlelight but everything we produced just seemed cheesy and forced. Then we had the idea of explaining to him how people are actually made out of stardust and go somewhere from there. I had written something but it sounded very scientific and not understandable enough for a 9 year old. Any advice would be very appreciated!!! Does anyone have an idea? How do you tackle a letter to a terminally ill boy? I don't want to "just" express how sorry we are and wish him a merry christmas, I want to tell him kind of a special story/metapher to comfort him and his family in this very difficult time.

So far he has read all of the cards he has received so far.. I really hope we can send ours on its way today or tomorrow.

Like I said, any advice will be greatly appreciated! Thank you for your time!!

Also if anyone wonders: we are German speaking redditors, he will definitely be able to understand our letter 🙂

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