I have been going at this for a while now but I have never learned how to describe things good enough for a reader. I uh well I hate most descriptions in books and until recently stopped at "the box is grey and"

Got it the box is grey, the box is important as so and so is carrying it and we have been told that so and so is important, thus putting this togother the box is important.

Or the box is grey so and so and billy are talking about moving, or loading said box to some place. Okay got it.

This apprantly is not how other people read descriptions? Most want the super detailed parts I dont want. To be fair my super detail would be if the box is grey and has a red dot in the center.

Neat but does that red dot mean anything? 9 times out of 10 no, so other then flavor txt for the mind why do I need to know about it?

As a result describing things in detail is something I'm weak at, or any detail for that matter.

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