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I am a senior in High School, and will be graduating in about a month. For my English class, we have to write a memoir to reflect on our lives so far, and so that in the future we can have something that expresses what our life is like now.

I also have a Drama Club banquet coming up, and all the seniors can give a speech about their time and experience in the program.

And to top off my literary to-do list, I signed up to audition to be the senior speaker at graduation, because I do enjoy writing, and my experience on stage in the Drama Club might help me talk in front of people.

Anyways, I decided that it would be cool to ask this hub of writers and readers if you had any tips or pointers for writing or getting started on any of the projects that I've gathered over the past week.

(Unrelated note, I have two One Act plays next week, so from that and everything above I have this weird mix of stress and confidence that I'm going to call "Adrenaline" that I'm hoping to ride into getting these done)

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