So, with four completed manuscripts under my belt, I finally have one that’s polished and edited to the point where I am ready for the attempt at getting it traditionally published. However, after reading several articles/blogs on the industry, it appears that there’s a bit of a stigma attached to the “horror novel” and that it’s not as sought after by agents and publishers as it once was in the glory days of the 70’s and 80’s. And being that my book deals with secret rooms, black magic, alternate dimensions, and strange flesh eating creatures, yes, it would undoubtedly fall into this genre!

That being said, I was wondering if anyone on here has had any success in shopping their horror novel to agents or traditional publishers. I’ve got the latest copy of the Writer’s Market and I’m going to query the agents in there initially, moving on to any independent publishers that I can find online seeking horror if need be.

Just curious to hear the experiences of you guys out there in Reddit land, and to see if there’s any valuable insight you could lend. Thanks, and I look forward to your advice!

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