So, I have had this concept for a story for a long time rattling around in my head. I have most of the pieces set and ready to go, the only problem is I just can't think of a way to structure the story. Basically, it is a time traveling historical fiction that takes place over a very long period of time, human history specifically. There are many story points that take place in the past moments, but also another story taking place in the modern day.

Now, one way I have thought to do this is to jump between the 'past' and the 'present', using different chapters to divide them. I have seen this done, but think it can be a bit jarring to jump back and forth. Another way is to split the story in half, with essentially an Act 1 and 2, one being the past story and the other being the present.

I just need some time travel story structure help, a way to organize my thoughts. Any advice is helpful.

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