So a little background: I recently finished my first draft of my first sci-fi novel of roughly 92K words. I'm planning to have it be a prequel to a multi-book series that I've been planning for years and actually started to write a few times but never got very far into it. Without getting into too much detail, the final act of the prequel play a large part in the first act of the first book of the series which is set roughly 200 years after the prequel. Also, I don't have any plans to publish anything right now. I'm just writing as an outlet from a relatively high-stress job and to get my ideas down on paper.

My current plan is to continually edit the prequel novel while I write the first book of my series to make sure that the two don't have any discontinuities or obvious errors between the books. Is this a good idea or not? Am I going to cause more confusion by trying to edit one book while writing another and either make them too similar or introduce errors to both books? Or is it better to edit the prequel before I do any more writing on the subsequent book, "lock" down its configuration, and then write the first book based off of that? Or am I just overthinking the whole thing?

Thanks for any tips or advice, this is my first time doing this!

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