I have had writers block for over a year now. I've tried everything I could think of to break it, but nothing has worked. I've met many new people, changed jobs, tried new things, and moved to another country, among other events. I have been filling notebooks with ideas, but if I actually sit down to write, I get immediately bored/disinterested, and my mind basically demands I stop.

It's occurred to me from the beginning (from the first few months of the writers block) that I am going through a transition period, that I am collecting ideas for my next long story. I did not want to accept this because it leaves me feeling powerless in that there is nothing I can do in order to write except research and wait, but it seems to be the truth.

Has someone else had this experience of a long period of writers block that ended with a burst of writing? –That the "writers block" was necessary to absorb a certain amount of new material?

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