I want to make a (children's?) short story. The main theme will be: Finding friendship. Inspiration for the story's characters, setting, and theme came from something one of my friends said:

Finding friendship is like finding an island worth sailing to.

The story will revolve around a sailor who's lost at sea trying to find an island he can sail to. He finds several and goes to each one. The sailor then finds out that each has their own flaws and imperfections. Eventually, he finds an island that he's satisfied with and settles down, awaiting rescue.

As you can see, the sailor symbolizes a person in search of a friend, the islands represent your would-be friends, and the "rescue" symbolizes the time you will have to leave your friends.

The idea as of now is VERY simplistic and I feel like I could add a lot more. Maybe the sailor can have a crew that can symbolize your family? Or each crew member is a negative emotion like loneliness? I don't know.

Anyways, I'm planning to give this short story to my grandmother for her birthday this year. She used to be an English teacher and still loves reading today, so I believe this would be a fantastic gift for her.

Any feedback/suggestions for this idea are highly appreciated. Thanks a lot!

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