Based on a quick read of 600+ one-sentence elevator pitches, I have compiled a list of the four most common (cliched?) concepts. Each of these concepts appeared at least a dozen times in the OP.

For the record: This is purely an amusing FYI post, not a condemnation of the premises in question or their authors.

  1. Meeting, releasing, fighting, becoming gods and goddesses, and/or finding out you really were one all along.

  2. Experiencing the apocalypse or causing it. Idiots accidentally ruining the world.

  3. Superheroes who fail and become super-villains, or always were and are just in denial.

  4. Dealing with hauntings, ghosts, and/or having undead friends or family help solve crimes (one of my own story pitches falls into this category).

Once again, this is all in good fun.

I really enjoyed the post and all the responses. I’m simply pointing out the commonality of these repeating tropes I’m seeing from a convenient and decent sample size.

Did you observe any other ideas/tropes also dominating the post?

Source: reddit post

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