Andrew Jackson threatened to shoot a steamboat pilot for repeatedly passing the steamer he was on during his 1828 presidential campaign.


“Reminiscences of James A. Hamilton” (1869), page 70:

In the course of the voyage an event occurred, which I repeat, as it is suggestive of character. A steamer of greater speed than ours, going in the same direction, passed us, crossed our bow; then stopped and let us pass her; and then passed us again in triumph. This was repeated again and again, until the General, being excited by the offensive course, ordered a rifle to be brought to him; hailed the pilot of the other steamer, and swore that if he did the same thing again he would shoot him. As I believed the General was in earnest, and as such an outrage could not be of service to our cause, I went below and stated to Mrs. Jackson what had occurred ; she said mildly, “Colonel, do me the favor to say to the General I wish to speak to him.” I did so. He went to the cabin with me, and remained there in chat with her.

In this paragraph James Hamilton (son of Alexander Hamilton) refers to Presidential Candidate Andrew Jackson as “the General” which many did at the time and throughout his presidency. They’re aboard the steamer Pocahontas, which was “chartered by citizens of New Orleans to convey the General and his party from Nashville to that city” via the Mississippi River to hear him speak.

Thought this was worth sharing since it’s not often we hear of such behavior perpetrated by presidents especially during their campaign.

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