Hey everyone. I'm having trouble figuring out my specific genre and I'd like your take on it.

My story takes place in the future in a post apocalyptic world. The entire story is centered on Manhattan, which is the last surviving chunk of modern society. More specifically, most of the plot is based in the city that now makes up Central Park. Now I know all of that sounds pretty science fiction, but here's my problem: there isn't any futuristic technology, robots, cyborgs, dystopian government, or citywide personality placement tests. The technological advancements are mainly things like lab grown food and improvements on factory machines and infrastructure. The plot focuses on two siblings fighting over control of their father's organized crime empire, a plot to collapse half the city from underground, and a mystery-style investigation into a terrorist.

I feel like it's in this gray area between science fiction and straight fiction (or mystery, or crime), but I don't really know. I'd like to read more books in my type of genre so that's really why I'm asking (in addition to wanting to have something to tell agents in the future). I'll take any similar sounding recommendations if you have them. Thanks!

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