I am partway through the process of getting a book published for the very first time. Oh. My. God. This is hard.

My friends haven't seen me in six months, my dog is going without walks, I'm making much less money from my regular job and I've eaten my bodyweight in chocolate so none of my pants fit any more.

I've "finished writing" and submitted the book to the editor four times. Each time it comes back full of comments and the work begins again.

I've written a lot of short pieces in my life. Writing a book is different. The analogy I have come to like is comparing it to a piece of string.

A 1000-word piece is like a 5cm piece of string. If someone tells you to cary it round in your pocket without getting it tangled that's not too hard. A 70,000 word book? That's like a 350cm piece of string and you have to carry it round in your pocket for a year. The chances of not accidentally tying it into a knot is pretty much zero. Then you have to spend a lot of time fiddling with the whole length of string to get the knot out. It's almost impossible not to repeatedly create an unholy mess.

All this and the print run is like 8000 copies. If we sell half of those I might earn some money. If we sell all of them they might offer me a deal on a second book and all I can hope is that I will have learned enough to not make all the same mistakes again…

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