I'm going through a really odd form of writers block and wondering if anybody has any tips.

So I've had a half finished manuscript under my bed for about 8 years. Excuse my lack of modesty but it is great. I've written a lot of trash in my time, before and after it, and I've always come back to this one knowing on my heart that this was going to be THE one. I'm coming up to a quiet patch in my life in the next few months so thought if there was ever going to be a time to finish it now would be that time. I decided in preparation, in the spirit of really knowing my world and lore, I would write a story detailing one of the main characters very complex backstory. I decided to do that exercise by writing it from a first person perspective of a minor character from the original story. Before this I've almost only ever written in third person. And that story has run away with me too and is also quiet good, not as good as the original but still good, and I am having a blast writing it. The problem is, I now don't think I can write my original story. Because I can now only view my original main character through the lense of the main character of my second story. It feels almost wrong to go back to writing about him from third person. I've spent so much time in my second characters head, talking and fighting with my original main character that writing about him like that now feels as if I am writing bad fanfiction that I can't get into or something. I don't even think I could attempt to write him from anything other than my second characters perspective anymore. But I would be devestated not to complete my original story because I really do love it.

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Has anybody experienced anything similar? How do you push through it?

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