I thought of a great idea for a book, though I’m not qualified to write it. I got the idea reading about the measles outbreaks in Europe and Anti-Vaccine folks.

Me being dumb commenting on the topic:

Well eventually won’t it just run its course? Maybe that’s what should happen with everything. I mean think about it – wouldn’t only the most disease resistant people survive thus leading to a humanity of survivors who’s DNA is resistant and anti-diseased? This of course impossible, maybe not?

We can call them the anti-diseasers lol. Would make a good Sci-Fi novel or movie where the anti-vaxers actually survive over everyone else and then fight it out against a new group (CDC lol) trying to re-start vaccinations.

Maybe that’s how it all started (via some secret society/aliens like the Freemasons) and we are genetic mutation #2 lmao – like this is civilization #2. Would explain those pesky South Americans that supposedly vanished – the last civilization’s only left anti-vaxxers who were wiped out because they were forced to vaccinate – maybe they left with their Alien friends to a clean planet, the original place they came from as microbes to earth, the goal to clean earth of disease. Then of course humanity restarted again with some clone of a pre-vaccine embryo frozen in ice from civilization #1.

Good luck.

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