Background information: The Grim Reaper is a thing in my world. He has his own version of Hell called the Abyss. You don’t get in for being “bad” or “evil”. You only get in if you are a follower or if your soul gets captured by him (why would you wanna be a follower of him, I don’t really know yet lol). Well he’s the origin of dark magic, and Nature witches picked up on it. However if you use dark magic, then you’re inviting him to constantly watch over you. You may not be a follower of him or don’t even know he exists, but he’s there. The more you use, the more he’s able to manipulate and persuade you. Anyway, witches of the past weren’t sacrificing enough souls to him and he was getting weaker so he created Pondals, humans created by Dark Magic that can obtain souls by killing people. They have the power to manipulate souls in ways I need help figuring out (please leave suggestions). Pondals are even able to send souls into the afterlife and not the Abyss, but Pondals never allow that; they either keep souls in their inventory for personal usage (such as an army in one case) or just immediately send it to the Abyss to feed their master, the Grim Reaper. Oh and if you kill a Pondal, you then inherit all its powers and souls at use, turning you into a Pondal. Oh and if ur a Pondal, then you’re Soul is set for the Abyss too when you die, so it’s not like people are out here killing Pondals on the whim. No one wants to spend the eternity of afterlife in the Abyss. If you do the math, basically there’s a set number of Pondals and the only way they can ever truly die off is if they kill each other, which never really happens because of how loyal they’re raised, but that’s a different story. Do you think it’s a good idea if monsters/beasts can inherit the same effects? Like if a dragon killed a Pondal, then it turns into a Shadow Dragon or something? That would be some intense shit. Dam then people would have to worry about a Soul-capturing dragon. Idk how a dragon would know how to use dark magic or whatever or send souls to the Abyss. Haha leave suggestions below if you have any. Sorry for the long read!

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