Hey guys. I want to write, but I'm terrible at maintaining my own accountability. I guess I'm used to disappointing myself so I don't ever care much when I do it anymore, it seems. But I need something to get me past myself. I'm my own worst block.

I've tried looking at accountability apps, only to find the highest rated and most used are accountability apps for… Well, I don't realize pornography was such an issue it requires 5 apps to be accountable about it? Ha. But yeah, none of them really spoke to me.

I'm currently unemployed, so using any kind of money incentives for myself is out of the question unless y'all also possess money tree seeds (pls?)…

I told one of my friends sometimes I wish there was some kind of novel writing CLASS online that not only set deadlines upon you but also taught you more than just to read what others write and then write your own work. I need external structure to get me through the first hump of writing. My depression weighs me down a lot otherwise.

I can't really rely on family for accountability because I don't want to resent someone for making me do shit. My mothers nagging hasn't done much for me in the last 20 years or I wouldn't be in my current position… Friends don't even really maintain their own goals so trying to help me with mine doesn't seem super viable.

What kind of resources do you use? I don't even know where to begin to build my own timeline of deadlines because I have no idea what kind of word count or chapter count my project will extend to. Are there online courses for this with that kind of structure? Or a really detailed series of blog posts/YouTube videos/podcasts that have helped you?

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TIA, Kelsi Lyn Star

PS: Apologies for glaring typos, my auto correct is either over-zealous or comatose, there is no in-between.

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