Anybody ever hear about a Frankish Raid through the Roman Mediterranean in the late 200’s?


I was reading through Sea and Civilization: A Maritime History of the World, and in one part the Author mentions a raid conducted by Franks in the Roman Empire. They had been fighting the Romans in Gaul, were defeated & the Emperor moved them to the far end of the Empire; somewhere around the Black sea. But The franks gathered up all the ships they could get their hands on, sailed out the Bosporus, raided Greece & Sicily, fought a battle around Carthage, then finally took all their loot, sailed out through the straights of Gibraltar & returned to their home in Gaul.

This is such an incredible raid, right through the heart of the Empire, but I’ve never heard anything about it.

Did some poking around & found a mention of it in Panegyric 8 on Constantius:

It recalled to mind the Incredible Audacity and undeserved good fortune of a few Frankish captives in the time of the deified Probus, who seizing some ships, plundered their was from the Black sea right to Greece and Asia and, driven not without causing damage from very many parts of the Libyan shore, finaly took Syracuse itself, once renowned for its naval victories, and, after traveling on an immense journey, entered the Ocean where it breaches the land, and ths showed by the outcome of their boldness that nothing is closed to a pirate’s desperation…

And I found another mention of them in Zosimus, New History

the Franks having applied to the emperor, and having a country given to them, a part of them afterwards revolted, and having collected a great number of ships, disturbed all Greece; from whence they proceeded into Sicily, to Syracuse, which they attacked, and killed many people there. At length they arrived in Africa, whence though they were repulsed by a body of men from Carthage, yet they returned home without any great loss.

But both accounts are pretty vague. Anybody ever come across any more information on who the Franks were & what happened to them?

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