Generally I start with a broad idea, and slowly come up with less and less broad ideas that help fill in my initial idea. Getting these ideas down is my outlining process. I'll write actual scenes when I feel particularly inclined to, but the majority of what I'm doing is just outlining these broad ideas.

I'll outline by thinking of "concepts" of what I want to do with the story, in terms of the type of characters involved, the type of conflicts, the type of developments that I want to happen. Then I get less broad. What is the general way I want these developments to happen? How do I want it all to progress? I'll keep outlining the ideas for it. Then I get less broad. Through this I'll stumble upon various, more specific key moments that I want to work around/towards. Then I basically keep outlining within broader secitons that I have outlined, getting more specific and more specific.

This has been my strategy so far. Haven't actually finished a story yet (working on my first one) Again there are some scenes that I have actually drafted in a more real way, and I just got to writing from the beginning of my story, and it feels good because I feel there is a lot of direction in what I'm drafting out at that point.

But I still have issues. Sometimes I'll come up with a bunch of conceptual development ideas that connect together a lengthy portion of the story, but then I'll have trouble figuring out just exactly how I do that or what scenarios to put the characters in to make it happen. My goal would essentially be to keep trying to outline with conceptual ideas to a more granular level to fill in that stuff, but often I'll find myself at sort of a block. I'm sure this is no different than blocks that writers with any method of developing a story goes through. I'm just wondering if there are people with a similar approach to me and how they handle things, and if you have any tips for me.

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Also this could probably be a really common way to do it, I don't know. I'm new to this.

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