I was part of a writers group last summer when I had time in between school. I wrote maybe seven stories when I was with them and ever since I've left, to focus on school, I literally can't write.

It's like their critiques have exposed the deep flaws in my writing and now every time I sit down to write I can't figure out like what words to even use anymore. Before I kind of would wing it and get lost in just writing, not minding how good it would be. I always knew it would be bad, but still rewriting would make it better. Now I can't even string together a simple sentence.

The worst part is I can't even come up with any ideas anymore. I used to be able t run with any old idea I had, anything that caught my attention, I'd just dive in and write every single day until I had something. But now its like now idea is good.

I tried forcing myself to write, but it was like trying to fight against myself. I feel like this intense distaste for whatever is coming out of the end of my finger tips and appearing on the computer. Every sentence is wrong, and yet I don't know how to find the right one. I just get stuck and can barely squeeze out five hundred words a day, when before I used to average a thousand or more.

Is this writer's block? Has anyone experienced something like this? It started during my stint in the writing group. I mean seeing your writing critiqued and its flaws exposed isn't a good feeling, but I wasn't upset or anything. It wasn't like I believed my writing was good to begin with. But I don't know, something changed.

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