I was just figuring out a scene where 2 brothers walk to school hand in hand, one being a teen and another being an elementary schooler. Ages 15 and 7 I guess. (Still haven't really figured out all the small details) Anyways, they walk to school and the teen's friends appear causing him (the older brother) to let go of the younger's hand and act differently. When the younger brother gets confused and tries to go back to the older brother, he kind of gets annoyed and uncomfortable because it doesnt seem cool or something when his younger brother is clingy to him in front of his friends.

Anyways, while thinking this part I realized that I've done similar things. It wasn't walking to school or anything but my little sibling would try to just be a little sibling and I'd get annoyed or be rude to them. Or I'd push them away not hard but still… roughly. It just made me feel really guilty and sad as I thought of it. Definitely going to make sure I make up for it. Anyone else have similar realizations of things you did irl or similarities with your own life when writing?

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