Sometimes I get into a really clear-headed mindset were all sorts of details pop into my head. Doing that whole "show, don't tell" thing becomes so easy, and I come up with all sorts of descriptive text that makes the world I'm describing feel real. It's like a cork in my head has come free, and all that creative juice has come pouring out without any obstructions. When I write, word density has easily doubled, the world in my head is much clearer (and easier to describe), and the end result is a very satisfying and very natural-feeling writing session. It feels like the exact opposite of when you don't get very much sleep one night and your brain is so sluggish that even the most obvious of descriptions are beyond your writing capabilities. Details that I didn't even have prepared in my head come forth as I type out the words, and I almost think to myself, "how could I have ever not felt like this? It's so obvious now. Everything is so clear." but, of course, the "mood" wears off after a few hours and I wonder how I ever got there to begin with.

Anyone else get that? Because I'd love to hear how people get into "the zone" and unlock that wonderful mindset where writing is DAMN easy. Descriptions and details I never would have thought of come to me so naturally, and I'd adore to make this happen at will.

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