I just saw an article that was like 'How to write from a woman's view' or something and it's kind of amusing that I never thought of this as a challenge before. I am a woman and the story I am working on has a male lead and a lot of the supporting characters are men and I had never really thought that gender was an issue. It makes me worry that maybe I made bad male characters because I never had to do put myself into a 'male mindset'. I see other authors talking about how they struggle to make them not flat or had to do a bunch of observing to find out how men act…

To me I take a second and focus and then I mentally become the character I have developed. To me it has been the same process for all of my characters. They have a childhood, someone and something made them who they are, they have personal biases and fears, they have strengths and weaknesses, they have insecurities and goals. I very rarely think of my characters as exclusively the age they are in my stories, I never think I want a male character or female. I think of a vibe I want the character to have, and then I grow them backwards into the child they once were. Some of my male characters are more macho, some are brilliantly and witty, some are controlling, some are kind and wise, I have heroes, villains, straight, gay, lots of men. My current main character struggles in parts of the story with his brothers pushing to be 'strong' all of the time and make him doubt if he has what it takes to 'be a man' if he can't even handle the burden grief and is expected to fight a war. I have always felt comfortable being a male character in my head, I don't know if this is a blind spot for me, my first two main characters were male and I thought nothing of it.

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Do you guys struggle to write from different gender perspectives?

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