Ask 10 comic book fans, and 9 of them will tell you the same thing: that the apex of comic book writing is "Dr. Doom becoming omnipotent". It doesn't matter how it is done. If the story involves Dr. Doom becoming omnipotent, it is guaranteed to be praised as the best that comic books have to offer.

Both "Secret Wars", stories about Dr. Doom becoming omnipotent, are considered the best-written comic books of all time. Jonathan Hickman, writer that made Dr. Doom omnipotent two times in three years, is considered the best comic book writer alive. Praised writers like Matt Fraction and Jason Aaron have written stories about Dr. Doom becoming omnipotent. And, although every year a new "Dr. Doom becomes omnipotent" story is published, never those stories are criticized for the repetitiveness. They are always praised as the best thing comic books have to offer.

The method of becoming omnipotent every year doesn't vary much. It's either "I used my endless intelligence to create a machine that somehow makes me omnipotent" or "I used my endless intelligence to defeat omnipotent beings and steal their powers to myself". As far as writing goes, nothing that strikes the reader as something particularly clever.

So, I have to ask you guys: are comic books poorly written? Something like this would not be considered "the apex of novels" or "the apex of TV" or "the apex of cinema". Hell, it wouldn't even be considered "the apex of manga". So why is this considered "the apex of comic books"? Comic books really have nothing better than this to offer?

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In all 80 years of publishing comic books, no comics publisher has ever come up with something better written than this? Isn't this a little sad?

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