Hey everyone,

I've been lurking the sub for a year or two and found many great advices in here, but been bothered a bit by a comment that shows up often lately.

I started writing my first novel two months ago, after a two years hiatus since when I first created the world and the story that would take place in it.

Everything is going smoothly for now, mostly because I had already spent dozen of hours designing and thinking about the storyline beforehand.

However, every time I open this sub, I find casual comments about how the first production is unequivocally always a dumpster fire. Everyone seems to throw that comment out as if it was a universal truth.

Thing is, I interact with a lot of writers on other platform whose first work has come to fruition without issue. Of course not all of them became published authors and many of them wrote for themselves or their relative without any intention to sell.

But in any way, I haven't met anyone who casually told me "Yeah yeah, I spent 2 years on that book and just threw it away at this end so I could start REAL writing on my second book".

I don't even think about publishing or anything yet, I honestly just want to write a story I enjoy and have some relative read it, so these comments come up as demotivating and honestly a bit of circlejerking.

For the ones who have written books all the way from beginning to end, no matter if it was private or for publishing purposes, what was your experience with the first novel ?

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