Are there examples of people being raised by same-sex coupled in antiquity?


I hope example seeking questions are allowed in this sub, i read the rules and I didn't see anything against it, but if they are not allowed, please suggest me a history related subreddit where one can ask example seeking questions.

There have been societies were not being straight was perfectly acceptable, the most common example is ancient greece, but I started wondering if there was ever any society in which it was acceptable for 2 people of the same sex to raise a child.

I'm not thinking strictly about 2 people who were romantic partners, there are many reasons why people of the same sex may get together to raise children, for example, buddhist monasteries take children and raise them in all male or all female environments to become monks or nuns (bhikkhu and bhikkhunī).

However in those monasteries it is a multitude of people who do the caring and the children don't have one or two central figures, I want to know of cases were 2 people would have done the caring.

Thanks a lot.

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